Welcome to the HBS Club of India

Dear HBS Alumni,

The HBS Club of India was founded in year 2009 and has transformed itself from an informal to a more professional, sustainable organization which has delivered more than 65 alumni events in conjunction with the Harvard India Research Center, Harvard South Asia Initiative and other Harvard affiliates.

As we enter this new phase with about 1000 members in the India alumni community, we are very proud to announce the new Managing Committee of the HBS Club of India whose term will commence April 1st, 2013 to March 31st 2015, following which elections will be held again.

The new team consists of a strong mix of recent and senior alumni, from MBA and Executive Education programs, who are extremely collaborative, dedicated and invigorated to serve as strong advocates for our HBS alumni community to:

  • Bring the Harvard Business School brand to national forefront around leadership that makes a difference at a time of real economic, social and political inflection in India
  • Further strengthen the club value proposition and quality of alumni activities across major cities in India

On behalf of the alumni community, we are sincerely thankful to the founding officers who have volunteered their efforts over four years to bring the alumni club to this strong level. Please see our Officers and Advisors section to learn more about the Club leadership. Please also review our Membership section to learn about ways of engaging with the rest of the HBS community and the benefits you will receive of doing so.